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If you don't tell your story some one else will

In today's marketplace, making meaningful connection with customers requires a deep understanding of the innovative motivators and creative triggers at all levels.

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Are you looking for creating "online brand strategy?"

It's time you get up out of your chair and walk around the room for a while. The approach is nothing new from the path of traditional offline models for web branding.

The essentials what you observe for a print media are generally same for the online brand equation. The look and feel and tone and tenor are evidently essential. The thing most web designers ignore is the way the visitor moves around the portal and dangerous mouse which is still under his fingers ready to get clicked.

Aim to make an emotional connection with your customers - and doing it through your brand is like double barrel gun. The depth of the connection and the foundation you made for that are the enablers for strengthening the customer relationship.

  • Discover: You need to verify and find how customers feel about your organization
  • Aspire: Check the current market conditions and requirements and relate them to your organizations to meet the challenges
  • Reliance: Examine the customer's reliance on your organization and pattern of it.
  • Build: Taking above factors and checking your organization - amend, tack, change and modify wherever possible and bring changes where you can implement them at a later date.


In the ancient Sanskrit stories there is one proverb that to know your horoscope you should go to a young apprentice in Astrology and to get right diagnosis of your health you need to visit an experienced and aged Doctor. The reason behind that is the young apprentice will speak everything he has seen in your horoscope without any hesitation, as he is more interested in advertising his talent - while the experienced astrologer usually speak more good and then cover the bad news yet assures you that good days will come. On the other hand if you go to a young doctor who may try and experiments on your health while the aged expert would have given you a pill and asked you to go!

A consultant is a consultant who sticks to his domain rather than accepting every visitor.

Handlooms.com with over 25 years of domain expertise - with a particular emphasis on Textile printing - and expertise in Handlooms of different regions is in a position to save the substantial expenses on traveling, meeting people and getting expertise from various sources.

If you are looking for

Establishing a printing unit (Textiles ) on cotton, silk or any other fabric,; for Design unit ; for material of any kind in textiles - without any middlemen ;for right weaver / right mix of yarn or fabric ; for information of any textile based product / raw-material

You can contact for more details by giving us your details
Please click here to go to Contact Page and select Email address: Consult@handlooms.com



HOW Handlooms.com CAN HELP YOU

An ability to innovate is a rare commodity.

Companies right from IBM to Microsoft and here inns so that they can stand apart from the crowd. 

Innovation in selecting the innovative business, innovative marketing and creating an innovative product - most importantly continue to develop and expand the product innovatively is necessary.

is having the ability to generate new ideas by combining, changing, or reapplying existing ideas. Believe it or not, everyone has substantial creative ability. Often all that's needed to be creative is to make a commitment to creativity and take the time for it.

Handlooms.com have the ability to accept change and newness, a willingness to play with ideas and possibilities, a flexibility of outlook, the habit of enjoying the good, while looking for ways to improve it.

Our people work hard to improve ideas and solutions, by making gradual alterations and refinements to their work. Our people are aware that very, very few works of creative excellence are produced with a single stroke of brilliance or in a frenzy of rapid activity.

If you don't tell your story, someone else will. This was our main heading!

You read it already.
Multinationals like IBM, Intel, Microsoft and HP and even Reliance and TATA companies have two things in common - they have performed well and their performance has been noted.  Reputation is a combination of both perception and reality.  Other companies must have performed well - but that was invisible.

It takes a time to build relationships with a wide variety of people like customers, competitors, shareholders and employees. Good relationships preserve company reputations in good and bad times.  

Handlooms.com with its expertise and experience in Textile domain is in an advantage position to meet your requirements. We study your business model, analyze the market, estimate the pros and cons and can give you a set of alternative concepts to choose from.

You can speak to us directly after sending your mail about your intention and our people will prepare a ground for the meeting where the primary discussion can take-place.

Come, take advantage and profit form it!






How To Get In Touch With Youngsters

Don't focus on 'all' youngsters. Think of some, define a selected target group.
- Limit the use of words and images. Less often is more.

Look them straight in the eyes, don't yield - don't blink.
- Give them exactly what they expect in an exclusive atmosphere.

Forget about 'good taste', forget about 'bad taste'. It's time for MyTaste!
- Seduce them with what they know, surprise them with knowledge.

Put them in the driver's seat, put them in control.
- Be generous with discounts and communicate about them time and again.

Find exciting links/relations with the youngster's network.
- Select & program well thought-out, smart & sensible.
- Your errors will not be forgotten.

Experiment with hours.
- Everything is sexy around midnight.
- Launch a date-site, not a data-site.
- One third (1/3) of your budget should go to web promotion.

Claim space on television.
- Test every action & communication method. Then test it again.

Don't use the names of sub-cultures. You'll make yourself ridiculous.
- Make sure you have an inventive media mix to play with.
- A website replaces flyers and posters.

Don't Spam. Not with emails, not with SMS (mobile text messages).
- Invite youngsters to contact you.
- Target the upper section of your audience.
e.g. : 'I might be 16, but I'd love to be 18′.

Send out a letter through snailmail.
- You often achieve more with less culturally calibrated media.

Stay away from the youngster's jargon. You'll make yourself suspicious.
- Switch angles. Turn pages. Start new things.
- Abandon old things at least once a day.

Love, don't cherish.

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